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  • Iceland Photography Tour

    9 Days, YEAR-ROUND

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    Capture otherworldly landscapes featuring stunning contrasts and exceptional perspectives. Appreciate the unique natural lighting effects created by the summer solstice, which provides exceptional lighting 24 hours a day, or the low winter sun, which creates lighting conditions quite similar to sunrise or sunset. Journey around the island. Designed to take you to some of Iceland’s most spectacular and photogenic places, this tour is equally appropriate for photography enthusiasts or for discerning travelers.

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  • Iceland History Tour

    6 Days, All Year

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    Learn about Iceland’s rich history – from settlement over 1100 years ago to the present day Discover how Viking heritage is embedded in modern Icelandic culture See some of the most historically significant – and absolutely beautiful – sites in Iceland

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  • Iceland Geology Tour

    8 Days, All Year

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    EXAMINE many of the magnificent geological features that Iceland is known for. JOURNEY through multiple regions of the island, each with its own distinctive landscape and characteristics. OBSERVE how the ability to thrive on one of the most volcanically active islands in the world is embedded into the Icelandic national identity.

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Andrew from Michigan - Dec 31, 2017

5 stars on everything.

5 stars on everything. Your price was fair. Our trip was unforgettable. I like how the travel agents are native to Iceland so they know what we want or need. Staying in Reykjavik was most helpful beca…

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Why Iceland?

Accessible via a short, five-hour flight from the east coast of the United States, Iceland is a lot closer than you might imagine


Despite its rather misleading name, only 11% of Iceland is covered by ice. That said, it is home to Europe's largest glacier, Vatnajökull, as well as 268 others.


Volcanic eruptions in Iceland happen, on average, every five years. Although international media coverage surrounding the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption might lead one to believe otherwise, volcanic eruptions in Iceland tend to not have much impact on daily life.