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Nordika Travel is a US based tour operator specializing in travel and vacation arrangements to our native country, Iceland. We have a wide selection of vacation packages, made in partnership with local Icelandic hotels, car rental companies and tour operators.

We can easily adapt and tailor the packages to suit your specific needs. Because of our local knowledge and close partnership with local providers, we can arrange and rearrange the trip for you if needed.

We are committed to providing high-quality service to ensure that your travel experience is as comfortable and effortless as possible so you can revel in the breathtaking landscapes and nature of our destinations.

When you have an idea about how you want your vacation to be, you can contact us online or by telephone or email, and we will help you arrange the extra services you want.

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We are the Nordika Travel Team

Bjorg Gudjons

Travel Advisor

Bjorg has been traveling the world from a young age. Her university studies focused on landscape management and conservation, which makes her the ideal person within our company to organize student and scholar trips to Iceland. Her passion is to protect the delicate, Icelandic tundra, so that all can enjoy the unique island she still calls home. When Bjorg is not working, she can be found in her garden, or traveling with her family.
„My favorite place in Iceland is Veiðivötn (The Fishing Lakes), where my family spent days camping and fishing. The volcanic landscape and vegetation makes it look other-worldly... and when howls of the Great Northern Divers and Red-Throated Looms echo through the night, it is magic.“

Based in California.

Disa Evans

Travel Advisor

Disa was born and raised in the Icelandic travel industry and enjoys planning vacation adventures to amazing Iceland.  Having resided mostly in the United States while her family lives in Iceland it is so rewarding to build and plan tours to exceed customers expectations and wait until they return with their wonderful travel tales of exploring and discovering all that Iceland has to offer.  Being able to share knowledge and create unique travel experiences to suit each customer, she is still to this day learning new things and special places in Iceland.  

Her favorite things about Iceland beside its the crisp clean air and drinking the ice cold glacier water straight from the tap.  When not working, she spends her time with her rescue animals and the freedom of the open road on her motorcycle.

Based in Orlando Florida

Kristín Suarez

Travel Advisor

Kristín’s burning desire to plan the perfect vacation for our travelers connects deep to her near-primal urge to organize and simplify. With a background in design, distilling what each destination has to offer while keeping the travelers interests in mind is her way to create the perfect itinerary. She travels many times per year to Iceland to re-connect with her homeland, family and new adventures (notice her necklace: Iceland!) and she spends most of her spare time in the gym, hiking, learning and creating something new, enjoying life with her 5-year old son and exploring the world.
“Iceland has so many wonderful areas, all depending on the interest. My favorite hiking area is around Hveragerði, my hometown.. while my favorite camping area is Þakgil and Þjórsárdalur Valley. Personal favorite for a get-away with my son is the Central West and Vatnsnes Peninsula.”

Based in Atlanta, Georgia and Hveragerði, Iceland.

Laufey Eydal

Travel Advisor

Laufey finds it a privilege to be able to work with Iceland all day long. Her priority is to give her clients the best experience when visiting her homeland. She loves to travel as well, and tries to go to Iceland as often as possible, specially to spend time with her oldest daughters and grand children but of course to travel around the country, and visit hotels and tour operators as well.
In her spare time when home, she likes to read books, work in her garden, make home cooked meals and enjoy the time with her family, and travel around the USA.
“My hometown is Akureyri and therefore northeast Iceland is my favorite part of the country. My number one place is Ásbyrgi, and I find Skógafoss the most beautiful waterfall (South Iceland). One of the best feeling when in Iceland is to soak in an outdoor hot tub when it is dark and cold outside, and watch the magical Northern Lights.”
Based in Kansas City

Alda Bessadottir

Booking Specialist

Margret Osk Magnusdottir

Booking Specialist

Rut Finney

Booking Specialist

Sigurlaug Gudmundsdottir

Supplier Accounting

Brynhildur Sverrisdottir

Director and Founder

Brynhildur is a co-founder of Nordika Travel, founded 2011 in Connecticut.  The combination of working in the financial field for years and extensive travel experience all over the world , and especially in Iceland, is a perfect background to run a successful travel company. "My favorite town in Iceland is Akureyri in the north and my all over favorite place in Iceland is the South Coast close to Skogafoss. I love the Northern Lights in the Winter and the midnight sun in the summer, May and September are my favorite months in Iceland."

Based in Orlando. Florida and Reykjavik, Iceland.

Atli Gudmundsson

Operational Manager and Founder

Atli takes care of everything IT and computers. He is a veteran Software Consultant and he often gets lost in developing better software solutions for Nordika Travel. He loves to travel, when he can, with his wife, children and grandchildren; skiing in the winter and fly-fishing in Iceland during the summer. "Lake Myvatn is my favorite place in Iceland, specially the banks of the Laxa River". To stay fit, he practices the Japanese martial arts sport of Kendo.  

Based in Orlando. Florida and Reykjavik, Iceland.