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Why Nordika Travel?


Nordika Travel is a Travel Agency, specializing in travel to Iceland.
The company is owned and run by Icelanders, living in the US. We know our native country.

We have changed our brand and website name from All Iceland to Nordika Travel (  Our expertise has expanded to now include other areas in the Nordic Region, and our new name reflects our growth.

The vacation packages on this site are only a part of what we can offer. Use it to get some ideas for your travel, and contact us to see how we can help you get the unique vacation experience you are looking for.

Displayed prices are normally based on 2 persons sharing a room.

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Why Iceland?


Is it one of the most beautiful countries on Earth?
Well, it's for you to find out.


Icelandic landscape can often be experienced as "otherworldly". The Astronauts practiced the Moon walk in Iceland in 1969. Of CNN Travel's 14 "Earth's otherworldly landscapes", 3 of them come from Iceland.

Iceland received the Best in Travel Readers' Choice Award from the Lonely Planet website in 2011, with the Capital Reykjavik as number 1 of the top Ten Cities.

The National Geographic Traveler Magazine says it is one of the best trip destinations in 2012.

Take a quick look at what the country has to offer, by viewing the videos below, and how Sara, one of our happy clients, experienced the country.


Educational Tours



Are you planning a school trip for next year? Iceland is an excellent place for various kinds of theme based school trips. Iceland's Geology is very special, with its volcanoes, glaciers and geothermal hot spots.
The many natural wonders offer many opportunities for photography tours, and the cultural and literary history of Iceland is unique with the Viking heritage.
Contact us and we will assist you in planning a wonderful trip to beautiful Iceland.