Our Clients love us and so will you

Cathy - Feb 08, 2017

You made this trip easy, so much fun and a real treat.

Dear Laufey,
We had a spectacular time in Iceland. Each of our guides and drivers took very good care of us. They were all on time and made sure we had everything we needed.
Our hotel was perfect. The location could not have been better. The staff was helpful, kind, and knowledgeable. Breakfast was good. The rooms were comfortable and had everything we needed.
Our driver Snyvarr (not sure of the spelling), from Mountaineer Excursions was great! We had a beautiful day with him and snowmobiling on the glacier was an experience none of us will ever forget!
Unfortunately, the weather out to the Peninsula was really very bad. Lots of driving rain, low clouds and not much visibility. We did get a rainbow! The guest house was clean and comfortable, dinner was quite delicious with fresh caught fish, and we enjoyed meeting the staff and talking to our guide, Chris.
The only disappointment was not seeing the Northern Lights. Our driver Vallu said he had seen them on Thursday night, the same night we were out with Reykjavik Excursions, but we were not as lucky. :(
I will put this on Trip Advisor, but I wanted you to know that you did a wonderful job and I would recommend you to anyone who asks what they should do about going to Iceland....they should call Laufey. Plus, we learned that your mother is a famous singer from Iceland!!!
Thanks again for everything. You made this trip easy, so much fun and a real treat. I couldn't have asked for more....except those Northern Lights, which I'm pretty sure you are not in charge of!!! Best wishes, Cathy.

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Aurelia - Dec 21, 2016

Overall: Our Trip to Iceland went very well.

Nordika Travel – Trip to Iceland

Overall: Our Trip to Iceland went very well.
Working with Ms. Laufey Eydal was super. She is very professional and knowledgeable of Iceland. She responds very quickly to texts and messages and keeps you informed at all times of the status of requests. She also, took the time to research for a tour with a photographer to chase the Northern Lights. Her advice was right on to book with the photographer tour to look for the Northern Lights the first night arriving to the City. My husband and I were able to see the Northern Lights for the first time that night. I got emotional because we were so lucky. We have heard that the weather was not the best before us arriving and I was worried, but at the end it paid back.
The Northern Lights – Photography Tour with Arctic Shots was excellent. The mini bus accommodation was very good. The Driver and the Tour guide Siggi were very helpful and they did everything on their part to assist everybody in the group on setting their cameras and equipment and giving instructions and tips on how to focus to be able to photograph the Northern Lights. That was one of the highlights of the trip for my husband in that he is an amateur photographer.   I would definitely recommend any one to take this tour to have more chances of seeing the Northern Lights.
The Blue Lagoon – Luxury Entry was a great option. The decision to stop by before getting to our hotel at Reykjavik was the best. We were able to relax, use the room to shower and change. Also, the food at the Lava Restaurant was very good.
We had a very good experience on the Super Jeep & Hot Spring Cooking Tour. Ulfar Jon Andresson, the owner and tour guide was very nice. You can tell how much he loves the outdoors and where he lives. He explained the geology of the area. We hiked the most beautiful areas that the Hengill Volcano has to offer. He cooked our meal of boiled eggs, tomato soup and leg of lamb in the ground hot springs. The leg of lamb was the best one I have ever tasted.  Another Tour that we will recommend to anyone that wants to do something totally different when visiting Iceland.
The tour with Mountaineers of Iceland was also a good one. My husband wanted to ride in a Super Truck after seeing some photos of the trucks on the internet.  The Golden Circle was beautiful and we took pictures of the Gulfoss Waterfalls and the Geysir Hot Springs.
Valur Armann Gunnarsson our driver was very professional and provided us with a lot of good information about the politics, culture, history, etc. We had private transfers with him on the whole trip.  He was always on time and very friendly. He always answered all our questions and has a good sense of humor. He was very accommodating with our requests to stop to take pictures along the way.
The Hotel Grimsborgir was excellent. The accommodations, the food and the service were outstanding. That was another great selection from Laufey. The place and the surroundings are so beautiful. I was able to see my first White Christmas there, made my first snowman and made my first snow angel. We also, were able to see and pet the Iceland horses on our way to the hotel.
Hotel Hilton Canopy was very modern and chic. The breakfast included with the reservations had a great selection. Our dinner the last night was excellent. The Restaurant Manager and the staff made my husband’s day when they acknowledged his birthday. All the staff was very friendly and helpful.  

The Hotel Holt accommodations were nice. The hotel is in a very good location in a tranquil area and still is closer to the town, stores and restaurants. However, we were very surprised and we didn’t feel welcome and felt insulted when the Restaurant inside the hotel didn’t accommodate us for dinner on December 23rd. We were not aware that that is a very busy day for all Icelanders and that they go shopping and eating out on that day. Even after we explained that we have been staying in the hotel they didn’t try to assist in any way. Then we went to the front desk and the lady told us that the hotel has nothing to do with the restaurant. When we asked what she recommended for us to do she told us to go to the town and see if we can find a place to eat. She didn’t offer to help us to find a restaurant that was able to seat us, get a taxi or nothing.  It really surprised us that a hotel that has a four star rating treats its guests that way. We will never recommend that hotel to anyone visiting Iceland.

The Lutheran Church was closed to the public until 4:30 PM and the Perlan Glass Dome was closed until the 27th.  We should have been notified that those places were going to be closed so we could have made other plans. Not even the Tour guide was aware. He told us to get back with our travel agent and ask for a credit.  

Recommendation: My husband and I would like to thank everybody that was involved in coordinating our trip to Iceland from Nordika Travel. We were so happy to be able to visit a place that has all this beauty. Seeing the Northern Lights, the mountains, volcanoes, geyser, hot springs, etc. has been an extraordinary experience. Since we are back we have been telling everybody that they need to visit Iceland and to contact Nordika for the coordination of the trip. I know it doesn’t matter the season, as is always going to be a fantastic trip. Thank you again and good luck to your staff. You can use us as a reference. I will send some pictures from the trip.    

Thank you

Aurelia and Joe

Chris and Carol - Oct 02, 2016

Iceland is spectacular. Can not wait to go back.

We had a terrific time. The trip was well organized from start to finish. We did the self drive southern Iceland tour. The car was ready as soon as we arrived. The day to day itinerary was well planned out and the directions were easy to follow. All of the hotels we stayed at were conveniently located and nice and clean. We ended our trip with a day at the Blue Lagoon. All of the arrangements were made by Nordika Travel.   They were extremely helpfuI from start to finish!  I would recommend this travel agency to anyone. And Iceland is spectacular. Can not wait to go back. Will send pictures.

Chris and Carol

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Penelope - Sep 06, 2016

They were herding the sheep as we drove up and we were able to see the sheepdogs at work.

The trip was great. Loved it. I would recommend it and your travel company to whomever is interested in seeing a beautiful country with pristine wilderness first hand. I just wish we could have stayed longer. It would have been nice to have an extra day in each area for more opportunity to explore before driving on to the next place.

The accommodations were enjoyable everywhere with the exception of the Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon. Although physically very comfortable and with outstanding food, the ambience was startling to say the least. They have taken the volcano motif to quite an extreme. The starkness of the décor was a bit unsettling with unpainted concrete walls in the bedroom to the lava lamp in the ceiling. I was surprised. However, the staff were very accommodating and there did not seem to be many hotel options in that part of the country. Perhaps on a future trip, you could arrange another farm guesthouse in that area instead. I enjoyed our stay at the Guesthouse Stieg ( the sheep farm) very much. They were herding the sheep as we drove up and we were able to see the sheepdogs at work. The family were all very charming and we were served an excellent dinner that night. The hiking in that area was really excellent. Wonderful views of the mountains and the ocean.

In addition to the driving we made time for a seal watching tour and, on our final day in Reyjavik, a whale watching tour as well.. The car we got was a Subaru - very satisfactory - really a pleasure to drive. We were struck by how quickly the scenery and also the weather could change, but no mishaps occurred and we enjoyed the self driving very much. The GPS worked well for most of the trip with the exception of the final morning when we were trying to get from town to the airport. It took us to the wrong one; probably we somehow misprogrammed it.

All in all, it was a great trip. I'd like to repeat it. Hopefully, that will come to pass. Thank you for all your assistance in the planning and the reservations.



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Val - Sep 02, 2016

Floating in this old swimming pool and looking up at the absolutely gorgeous mountain valley was worth the trip to Iceland.

Hi Nordika Travel,

I am finally getting back to you with some feedback from our trip.

Laufey was wonderful to work with.  She responded quickly to my many questions.  Her recommendations on things to do and places to see were very good.  In hindsight, I wish I had asked Laufey for more suggestions on out-of-the way places to avoid the tour buses.

Our favorites:
Wake Up Reykjavik Food Tour with Egill was a fantastic way to explore Reykjavik and enjoy good food along the way.  Egill was full of fascinating stories and history and really made the tour special.  By the way, this was a brilliant way to cope with jet lag.  We arrived in Iceland early that morning and went on the food tour at 12:30, which lasted until 5:30.  Thank you, Egill!

Many tourists, when leaving Reykajvik to drive around Iceland, want to take the shortest routes.   Don’t do this.  Instead of driving through the tunnel (Route 1 just North of Reykajvik), turn right on Route 47 and drive the long way around the fjord.  It is a beautiful drive; stop and enjoy the scenery.  If you get started early in the day, you will have the road all to yourself, even during the busy summer months.  Best of all is Glymur Waterfall at the bottom of the fjord.  Because the hike in and out will take two hours, there won’t be any tour buses.  No crowds.  It’s a lovely walk for the first part (the flies can be annoying, but don’t bite).  Then it gets fun!  Go through a cave, cross the river on a log, go up the mountain using ropes for hand-holds.  The view of the waterfall AND the view back towards the fjord is awe inspiring.  Take a picnic lunch and enjoy yourself.  Plan on spending longer than two hours.  Glymur Waterfall is worth it.

The Deildartunguhver Hot Spring is for looking, not touching.  Too hot.  If you want some silly fun, visit this hot spring in the evening when the sun is behind it.  Then take pictures of your friends in the steam with the sun behind them.  Even sillier, take a slow motion video of your friend walking out of the steam towards you, with the sun behind them.  Set to music and post to social media.  The Hverinn Restaurant has the best burgers and fries.  Located near the Deildartunguhver Hot Spring near the junction of Routes 518 and 50.

Jokulsarlon Lagoon feels very other-worldly.  Giant chunks of glacial ice floating around.  There were ducks and ducklings.  The ducklings were adorable as they clambered up on the ice and jumped into the water.  We even saw a seal.  Walk out to the ocean beach for a view of the glacial ice floating out to sea.  Some pieces were washed up on shore.  We found one with a great big hole melted through it and used it to frame some pictures.
Seljavellir Swimming Pool was my absolute favorite.  Located on the South Coast, it is a 20-minute walk into a mountain valley.  Don’t worry, it’s an easy, mostly flat walk.  But not suitable for strollers.  This is another place where the tour buses don’t go.  Seljavellir is a naturally heated swimming pool built in the 1920s and is maintained by volunteers.  Kind of grungy, and totally charming.  It is free, but bring some cash to leave in the donation box.  There were a lot of people there when we visited and everyone was nice.  Floating in this old swimming pool and looking up at the absolutely gorgeous mountain valley was worth the trip to Iceland.

Kind regards,


Andrea and Charles - Aug 29, 2016

We are in Iceland and enjoying our trip tremendously.

Hello Bjorg.

We are in Iceland and enjoying our trip tremendously. The detailed itinerary that you provided us is fabulous. Today, which is Day 3 of our trip, we did the Magical Glacier Hike with Summit Guides. We enjoyed it very much and our guide was fantastic. After the hike, we realized that we were scheduled for another glacier hike on Day 11 which is Saturday, August 13.  After doing the hike this morning, although we thought that it was a great experience, neither of us have the desire to do another glacier hike. So we are, therefore,  asking that you cancel on reservations with Glacier Guides scheduled for the Glacier Explorer. We would appreciate your help in making the cancellation and refunding the funds that we have paid you. Anxiously awaiting your response. Again, thank you so much for your planning and providing so much information for this wonderful trip to Iceland.
Andrea and Charles

Dick - Mar 19, 2016

The schedule was ideal, the hotels very nice, and the guides excellent

Hi Bjorg,
Peggy and I want to tell you what a nice journey we had to Iceland. The schedule was ideal, the hotels very nice, and the guides excellent. We especially liked Mink Travel, Kari, as he really personalized the trip and allowed us to see true glimpses of Icelandic life - we even saw his home, met his family, stopped at a vacation home, and saw first hand a cattle farm and Icelandic hot tub. The other parts were fun as well - the Secret Lagoon (and "Sicko" the guide) were quite nice too.
Thanks for putting together such a nice trip. 


View to EsjanBúðakirkjaThe Blue Lagoon

Kim - Dec 05, 2015

We've returned and had a fantastic time!

We've returned and had a fantastic time! South Coast Adventures tour company was particularly good as was Iceland Expeditions
Thanks very much for a great vacation.
All the best, Kim

Here are a few more detailed comments with recommendations highlighted:

The flight was fine - the "Northern Lights" lighting on the plane put us in vacation mode and our interest was peaked by the Yule lads napkins.  Meat Hook!?

Food - my goodness! we ate like kings - a few pictures of that too.  I am in love with plaice fish and cannot figure out why we cannot get it here in the US.   The Apotek restaurant was sooo good! We dined there twice - if you are booking for foodies, it is helpful to let clients know that they need to make reservations for weekend dining. They have a six course Icelandic Tasting menu to die for! Once again for foodie clients, this is a must!  While I didn't try the Minke whale, Carolyn did and we both tried the Puffin, although I felt guilty for some reason.  We went first on Wednesday with no problem. We didn't have a reservation for Friday night (didn't occur to us that we would need one) so we just stood around looking sad and devastated - they eventually took pity on us and gave us a table!  Loved the Icelandic hot dog too that we had at one of the little shops near our hotel.

Whale meat  Sooo good

The tours -SouthCoast Adventures was our favorite. To add to the adventure of it all we got stuck in a serious snow storm the second day- one of the vehicles in our group broke down on the way back to the hotel Ranga (the vehicle pictured below) and one of the rescue vehicles broke down! Eventual the boss came out to meet us to get us back to Hotel Ranga.  Through it all - the driver/guides were calm and professional. The other guide with our convoy, Magnus, was AMAZING. So up beat, friendly, knowledgeable, and self-assured.  Just the person you want to be with in a pinch.  IF they were ever concerned abut our safety, they never showed it, which kept us passengers calm. Well, there were some nervous Brits with us but I think maybe it was their first wilderness experience. It also didn't hurt that our guide on the two days with SouthCoast, Hjalmar, was so darn cute!!  He was very knowledgeable too about the country, customs, etc.  The first day it was just the three of us, the second day we were joined by 4 other people in our car. Magnus had four clients in his vehicle and we met up with a guide and a few people with Super Jeep tours on our way to the volcano. A fortunate occurrence meeting up with the Super Jeep tour company, because when Magnus' vehicle broke down ( due to him taking the lead pushing through the waist high snow) they were able to get into the Super Jeep vehicle. Don't know what they would have done without that blessing of a third vehicle. So in the dark, with waist high snow, vehicles getting stuck, at least four times one car had to tow the other out of a snow bank, and Magnus riding OUTSIDE of the first vehicle to spot for the guide driving since it was a total whiteout with the snow storm, we eventually made it back to the main road where we all transferred into a vehicle driven by their boss.  Who was also so cheery and jovial - honestly he reminded me of Chris Kringle aka a young Santa Claus or at least what one would imagine him to be. Crazy and super exhilarating!  So, so glad that we went with the smaller tours. We saw some of those 60 person buses moving around - no thanks.
Kim and group
Icelandic Expeditions - Our guide Kommi was interesting, engaging and even sang us an Iceland lullaby.  He and his brother were bound and determined to make sure we say the Northern Lights and we were extremely appreciative of their efforts.  They took the photos that I sent in my first email - we would not have had documentation of that night without them. Didn't occur to me that I couldn't take a picture with my iphone. Lesson learned for me. We didn't go caving due to the extreme weather and honestly after he described it and showed us pictures we weren't too disappointed at what we'd missed. Instead, we sipped hot cocoa under the stars and Lights. A perfect ending to our Iceland adventure!

Hotel Ranga - Another lovely hotel and wonderful staff, Fredrick is a gracious host.  We upgraded to the deluxe twin on check in - definitely worth it to have that extra space.  We were lucky enough to be there for their weekend Christmas buffet - another must if the timing is right and also requires reservations.

Blue Lagoon - Taking the big bus was fine for this and we are glad that we went early. A fair number of people but not too crowded so we were able to get checked in and changed rather quickly. About an hour in the lagoon and then another lovely lunch in the Lava restaurant. By the time we left, it was a zoo at check in - Definitely better to be there no later than 11am or even earlier, if possible.
Last but not least - Kristen.  So very patient with my hundreds of questions and changes. You never got exasperated with me and I must admit I have worn out some travel agents in the past.  We really loved our experience and so appreciate all of the work you put into making sure we had a wonder trip.  
Thanks very, very, much.  The best to you and until next time,

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Claudia - Nov 02, 2015

Creating a lifetime of pleasurable memories

Hi again!

For the past year I have had many communications with Kristín and now sadly our trip is a fond memory.  Seeing the Northern Lights has been on my bucket list, but with time constraints to travel to Alaska or other distant locations, after really looking into it, Iceland was the perfect choice from the East Coast. The 4 night Northern Lights Luxury Break package was just what we were looking for and proved to be everything we wanted and more, with input and much help from Kristín.

Our adventure was off to a great start the minute we walked through to Arrivals Hall and our driver was right there waiting for us. Since this was a private tour, I requested a couple of changes in the timeline. We had a wonderful very early morning breakfast, did a bit of sightseeing as the sun came up, and then went to the Blue Lagoon for a few hours of luxurious relaxation and a fabulous lunch before heading to Hotel Grímsborgir in Selfoss, our home for the next three nights. We found it to be a lovely place to stay and it was like little home in a development, with our own private hot tub under the stars. In fact it was a studio apartment with all amenities. The staff was wonderful and the restaurant was delicious. The first evening we had a pianist and a cozy fire, which was a nice way to end two long days without sleep.

Our guide Helga, pulled up at our little house right on time for our first day of touring. She was friendly, energetic, very knowledgeable, full of Viking stories and folklore and just adorable! Our biggest problem was climbing into the Super Jeep! Not for her. She timed the day very well and we were exhausted and excited after seeing so much of the beautiful jaw dropping South Coast. That evening we saw a gorgeous display of the Northern Lights, which of course is not guaranteed, so that made our trip right there.

The next day went just as well as the first, and after having stopped the first day for a packed lunch and eating outside, she suggested that we may like to see and have lunch at Fridheimar, the greenhouse, in the area of the Golden Circle. Well worth going and the tomato soup and bread are a treat. Very interesting spot sitting among hydroponic tomatoes and bees buzzing around them.

Our last driver was right on time to take us to Reykjavík where we checked into the Hótel Borg, after he drove us around the city on a mini tour so that we could have a feel of what was there. They upgraded us to a suite overlooking the Square with a balcony. A wonderful and appreciated surprise for our last evening.

Our same driver arrived just a bit early the next day to take us back to the airport. He explained that there was a strike and that it may take longer to get through security, which it did. It was nice that he cared.

We would like to thank Nordika Travel, South Iceland Adventure, the drivers, and the staff of both Hotels for truly making us feel taken care of, pampered, informed and creating a lifetime of pleasurable memories. To see everything you wanted to, especially when it comes to nature cooperating, on a trip isn’t a given, but we did!




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Larry - Oct 29, 2015

Much of what we saw was either really hot or really cold


Hi Bjorg,

Tim and I had a memorable first trip to Iceland in late August and early September thanks to your guidance. We now know why Iceland is called the "Land of Fire and Ice". Much of what we saw was either really hot or really cold. It's easy to see why it's becoming so popular with tourists! There were so many things to see and do and the time passed quickly.

Here are the activities and sites that we especially enjoyed:
* Jokulsarlon zodiac boat ride
* Hengill volcanic area hiking and hot springs trip
* Game of Thrones tour
* Geysir and Gullfoss
* The black sand beach at Dyrholaey and the lush green hills and puffins at Reynisfjara
* Blue Lagoon

Thank you very much for the great planning. The three tours were all excellent, even though two of them were on days when it was cold, rainy and windy. We've told all our family and friends what a great trip it was and how exotic Iceland is. We hope to return one day so we can see more beautiful sites and do more fun things!

Attached are a few of our favorite photos from the trip.

Larry and Tim

 by Dyrholaey by Jokulsarlon


Alison - Aug 03, 2015

The trip was Great - really fabulous!

Hi - The trip was Great - really fabulous! The hotels were lovely and gracious; the car was fine; the Southern and Western Detailed Itinerary was very helpful - I'll add something about that below - And the sights and things we did were absolutely outstanding!

There are a few things that would have been very helpful: 1) we did not know that we should reserve a time at the Blue Lagoon ahead of time because they limit the number of admissions - we went on our last full day rather than on the day we would have been flying out, which was much better for us, but had we not we would not have gotten in at all! 2) Also would have been better to have reserved a ride on the amphibious boat at Jokulsarlon on-line -we were lucky and they had a few spaces!

You did not mention going on a glacier walk, which we did near Skogar. It was a bit demanding, but it was great!

I found that road atlas really hard to use - I wonder if there's another road atlas easier to follow?

Re: the itinerary - we did realize that for us it did not match day to day with our days there. Because of that, for us staying in Vik, if there were a comparable hotel, would have worked better than Hotel Skogar. We went from Hotel Skogar to Jokulsarlon, and had already been to Vik the previous day, so there was some repeat driving - but not a lot!

Also, we did not buy the car insurance for gravel roads, so going from Stykkisholmar to Thingvellir meant going down to asphalt road 34 - wish that had been a little more obvious!

On our last day we did go to the Viking boat museum near the airport - that was a wonderful exhibit, and the perfect pre-airport way to spend a bit of time - you mention it in the itinerary but hadn't given quite enough about the location!

Those things said, we Loved it, and are recommending your services to everyone!

And, you were very responsive when we had a few last minute items: being able to go to the Hotel Holt as soon as we got there was great for us!

Will send you a few pictures, and thank you so,so much!


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Shelley - Aug 03, 2015

The hotels that Nordika arranged were nice and at great locations

A belated thank you!  We returned more than a week ago from Iceland and had a fantastic vacation.    The flights and arrangements worked out well.    The hotels that Nordika arranged were nice and at great locations.   We were pleasantly surprised!

We had one small problem with one hotel: the reservation had been lost on their side, but the hotel arranged a room close by in a sister hotel and free dinner (which in Iceland is not a cheap item ...). But this minor setback was no big deal at all;  the hotel owner was very helpful and kind, and the problem was solved quickly.  For the rest, our experiences were fantastic:  personnel at the hotels were super friendly and helpful, free upgrade on the rental car,  free upgrade in the Reykjavik hotel, etc.
But the best part was the scenery, the hikes, and all other events we participated in (e.g., glacier hiking, white water rafting)  Beautiful country!
Thanks for making this trip happen and the many great memory it created for the four of us.   Nick has already decided he will go back to Iceland to backpack.


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Roger - Aug 02, 2015

Every day was a new and unique experience.

We had a wonderful time in Iceland. As a photographer I was in Heaven. Every day was a new and unique experience. I shot whales, churches, water falls, horses fighting and(my personal favorite) puffins. Now I get to relive all of those exciting days, when I photoshop each photo.

Thank you for directing us to all of those special places. I just have one question. Do you/and or your company map out trips to other countries? If so, which countries?

Thank you,

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Laura - Jul 31, 2015

Dear Laufey, All of the hotels were very comfortable. Of course, our favorite was the cottages in Reynisfjara

Following is feedback on our trip.  Photos will have to wait.  My husband took A LOT and it takes him a long time to process them.
First of all, we are very glad we made the entire circuit of the island.  Iceland is an astonishingly beautiful country and there is so much to see.  We were constantly pulling off to the side of the road to look at something, so, even though, the drive from point A to B was only a couple hours it took us two or three times that long to cover that ground.
All of the hotels were very comfortable.  Of course, our favorite was the cottages in Reynisfjara.  Ragnar was very welcoming, the cottage was lovely and the views jaw dropping. 

We had one problem at Hotel Hallormsstadur.  They put us in a cottage that would have required us to drag our luggage across a rocky path and then up very steep steps.  We asked to be relocated to the hotel.  They were able to accommodate us in a room in the older part of the hotel, so it worked out.  One of my favorite stays was at the IcelandicAir Hotel in Akureyri because it was across the street from the swimming pool!  What fun!  I went there several times.
The car was comfortable and spacious.  (We were able to accommodate hitchhikers a couple times and enjoyed hearing their stories.)  We decided ahead of the trip to take out the extra insurance for windshield, ash and sand and theft.  This is commonly included in rentals in the U.S., but we were glad we did, because we had a cracked windshield by the end of the trip.  A loose stone hit it.  We did not pay anything extra.
Everyone asks us about our trip.  There is a lot of interest in Iceland now and we tell people that it is a beautiful island inhabited by very friendly people.  Keep it that way!!

Sincerely,   Laura

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Jeff from California - Jul 30, 2015

Great trip - thanks Bjork.

If I go again (and we might lead a group next summer) I would spend zero time in the "circle" as the crowds kill you.  The west fjords, the east fjords and southern Iceland was the best.

Enjoy the image.  Hraufosser....

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David - Jul 29, 2015

We were very inspired by the incredible natural wonders we saw, and very charmed by the friendliness and helpfulness all of the Icelanders we met.

Dear Kristin, Brynhildur and Atli,

I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to write sooner but our travels in the U.K. have been almost as consuming as our time in Iceland.

Thank you for all of your expertise and assistance with our trip to Iceland.  The whole experience was really wonderful (baggage problems aside - even here it was your extra help which turned the incident into a minor annoyance instead of a major headache).

We were very inspired by the incredible natural wonders we saw, and very charmed by the friendliness and helpfulness all of the Icelanders we met.

Every hotel we stayed in was great in it’s own way, and the staff were all very helpful.  At several of our stops they even did laundry for us at no charge to help us work through the after effects of the baggage problem!

All the tours/guides were very good - and we must specially thank the people at South Iceland Adventure who provided fantastic guides for both my parents on their day of bird watching and for our whole family on our Porsmork Valley tour and our Landmannalaugar tour, and they were wonderful about helping us shift our schedule around at the last minute to move our glacier walk as well.

We are already thinking about our next trip to Iceland! - at which point we will be in touch!

Many thanks - David

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Tom and Jan - Jul 27, 2015

Loving the non paved roads.

We are having a great trip thanks to your planning. Could not be happier. Wonderful route, accommodations, meals. You have thought of everything.

Loving the non paved roads. Thanks again.

Tom and Jan

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- Jul 26, 2015

You come from a very special homeland. Thanks for sharing it.

Kristin -- and everyone at Nordika Travel,

THANK YOU! We had a fantastic week in Iceland. Every accommodation was as advertised. The itinerary was very helpful. The clockwise route was the right way to go. AND EVERY SIGHT, STOP, SCENIC VIEW, AND SUGGESTION WERE FANTASTIC. Attached photo - I'm sure you know - is from the glacier lagoon. We have hundreds of others.

We want to go back when the Northern Lights are in view. You come from a very special homeland. Thanks for sharing it.

Larry, Amy, Eammon and Andrea

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Steve - Jul 21, 2015

Overall we were very pleased with the trip

We had a very nice trip to the West and South Iceland. The flights were good. All of the hotels were very good, especially Ranga. The Icelandair hotel was okay but far below the others. One important thing to note is that the airport was understaffed and the check-in lines at 6:00 AM were the longest I have ever seen and resulted in flight delay of an hour.

The driver and tour of Reykjavik upon our initial arrival was very helpful and informative and the driver was very helpful at the Hertz rental center at the end of his tour.
The route that was planned for us was easy to follow, efficient, and facilitated our seeing many, many of the most beautiful and important sites. Overall we were very pleased with the trip and the arrangements made by Atli.



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Sara - Jul 14, 2015

I loved seeing all the wildlife…the Icelandic horses, lots of sheep

Hi Bjorg. Thanks for your note Our trip was excellent! We thought Iceland was awesome, so different from other places and therefore so interesting. I loved seeing all the wildlife…the Icelandic horses, lots of sheep, and we saw wild reindeer and several whales. Thanks for all the arrangements….the tour was great: well planned, great guide, safe bus driver, and all the accommodations were fine. Perhaps the only improvement area was the food choices…could have used more choice especially since at several of the places the dinner was lamb which my husband doesn't like. They did accommodate him but still it would have been nice to have some choices (more fish, chicken or pasta). The whole trip went smoothly. The tour had a nice mixture of relaxation on the bus and exercise through walking trails to waterfalls and scenic places. We also learned a lot about Icelandic history and culture. People were very friendly and everyone spoke such good English so it was easy to do everything.

Thanks again for all your help! 

Regards, Sara

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Terry - Jul 04, 2015

Thank you so much for including this as a stop-over on our trip.

Hi Nordika Travel Team,

My family and I are having a great trip so far and by far and away the best lodging to date has been the Silfurberg Guest House - Country Home. I cannot put into words how absolutely wonderful all of the family treated us and what a beautiful meal they prepared for us.  Thank you so much for including this as a stop-over on our trip.

Warm Regards,

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Tim and Cheri - Sep 21, 2014

Iceland is a magical place and the people we met were delightful.

Hello Atli,
I am sorry to have taken so long to write and thank you for all the excellent accommodations you booked for our trip. 16 days was not enough time to do all we wanted to do and see all we wanted to see, but thanks to convenient places to stay, we were able to hike and enjoy a good bit of Iceland. The only change we made to the itinerary was we changed the ferry ticket coming back from the Westman islands from 11:30 to 8:30. We felt that the extra time could be better spent at Landmannlaugar (were I got to drive through a knee deep river crossing) and we were glad we changed it.
Iceland is a magical place and the people we met were delightful. Awakening every morning knowing that this day you will see something that you have never seen before is what travel adventures are all about.
Thank you again for your hard work,
Tim and Cheri

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