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Dave - Nov 04, 2022

Thank you Laufey and Nordika Travel!!!!! See you again!!!!

What an amazing adventure!! Beyond expectations!! Thank you Nordika Travel!!

This is my 2nd trip to Iceland (last one 2017), and I would never use another Travel Team to coordinate my travels. Both my trips set up by Nordika Travel (thank you Laufey dearly!!) were so well coordinated and organized. This was another trip of a lifetime!
What is amazing about Nordika Travel is their knowledge of Iceland. This was a self-guided trip, and when I starting speaking with Laufey, we spoke in-depth about my interests, activities, and travel requests. She customized a beautifully prepared itinerary for me. This wasn’t your typical itinerary. This was a day-by-day itinerary that was specifically designed for me based on my interests and her knowledge from living in Iceland.

For each day, Laufey had prepared an itinerary which included several sites and activities directed to my interests. Every day (and I mean every day), her detailed itinerary included sights and adventure that I’ll remember and cherish forever! Not only the daily itinerary and suggested sites, Nordika Travel coordinated my rental car, hotel arrangements, airline flights in Iceland (Grimsey Island fantastic – don’t miss the opportunity to get to the Arctic Circle), and service to airport upon return. Everything was exceptionally well coordinated!
I am so thankful to Laufey and Nordika Travel for their support and friendship! What was even more amazing was that I contacted Laufey during my trip about suggestions for dinner and she responded fast!
Anyone considering going to Iceland, and yes you should go, please consider Nordika Travel for your travel services. They are my one and only Team whenever I go. OK – anyone who is still reading this, without Nordika Travel, I would not have found some of the most beautiful (outside the popular waterfalls) in Iceland, as well the “local” geothermal swimming pools, and the “Beer Spa Iceland”!!!
I’m grateful to Nordika Travel for all their support, tremendous customer service, knowledge of Iceland,
and I guess for me in retrospect, is how they asked and understood my travel interests, and developed a
truly customized itinerary and travel plan for me.
Thank you Laufey and Nordika Travel!!!!! See you again!!!!

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