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Kelly from California - Jun 21, 2019

Thanks to Laufey and Nordika Travel for making our trip to Iceland an experience of a lifetime. We hope to someday return to view the Northern Lights.

We wanted to plan a trip to Iceland so we did a google search for Iceland travel. Nordika Travel was one of the top results in the search list. We checked out what they had to offer and liked what we saw. Did a search for Nordika Travel reviews and found only good feedback so we emailed them asking them about the Highlights of Iceland Ring Road trip. Laufey promptly replied to our email answering all our questions. She told us that the itinerary is not set and she could make any adjustments we would like to make. That made it a little harder for us since we did not know what sites to see. So she just asked us what specific things we wanted to see and do, then she would setup a preliminary itinerary.

We decided Iceland was our vacation choice so we booked our flight on Iceland Air. We then contacted Laufey and told her we booked our flights and gave the dates. She then went to work and booked the car rental, the accommodations and excursions. We were all set to go. Then Laufey told us about the Nordika Travel app for our phone. It is a terrific app. We entered our trip ID and it loaded our itinerary. From the app, you can scroll through your days of travel and see where you were staying that night, what things to see in the area on that day and the available optional tours available. It was a great resource to use when on the road.

The trip was wonderful, we arrived and picked up our car and hit the road after stopping at a grocery store for snacks for the road. Our package came with a mobile wifi device so we were able to use our phone for navigation and staying in touch. The roads were busy in the south but as we went north and east, the roads were empty. Mostly all the roads were 2 lane roads, one in each direction. Due to the lack of traffic, passing was fairly easy if you came upon a slower driver. Some of the roads that we needed to take were unpaved gravel roads. One required road we took was paved in the beginning and then ran into a paving crew. After passing the paving crew, it was unpaved for about 30 miles. Overall the driving went well.

We loved all the places that were booked for us. They ranged from small 1 room cottages, a small 3 bedroom house, to a 100 room hotel. All were very clean. Each place provided a buffet breakfast.

The sights throughout Iceland were grand. Sweeping valleys, glacier covered mountains, black sand beaches, sheep and horse covered fields, glacier fed streams and rivers, icebergs, lava fields, midnight sun, quaint small towns and towering waterfalls. We took over 4000 pictures with cameras and phones, drove about 1500 miles and hiked over 50 miles on this trip.

The few optional excursions we took were terrific. We did a zodiac boat trip on the Glacier Lagoon, a sportfishing trip in Reykjavík and spent many hours at the Blue Lagoon.

The locals were all very friendly, things were expensive (food, gas, souvenirs) and it felt like a very safe country. The car rental place said it was fine to leave your luggage exposed in your car and no one will break in. The police do not carry guns on patrol. For meals, we did not eat any of the Iceland specialties except for fish and chips, which were excellent. Pizza around the country was good.

Overall the trip was wonderful. Thanks to Laufey and Nordika Travel for making our trip to Iceland an experience of a lifetime. We hope to someday return to view the Northern Lights.

Thingvellir National Park Thingvellir National Park Diamond Beach Godafoss Waterfall Hraunfossar Waterfall Jokulsarlon Lagoon

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