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Beth from Pennsylvania - Jan 13, 2019

Beautiful, beautiful country. I cannot wait to go back.

Hi Björg,

We had a *fantastic* time in Iceland - so much so that halfway through the trip, my husband and I were "jokingly" wondering aloud what jobs we could get in Iceland so we could stay.

I want to give specific kudos to our bus tour driver (whose name I was positive was something like Viknik, but I grow more unsure of that). He was knowledgeable, amiable, and a very competent driver. He was also extremely considerate - after our glacier hike on Solheimajokull, we went on to see 3 waterfalls. After the first, I realized running water and a full bladder are not good bedfellows, and he dropped everyone at the second waterfall, showed them where to walk after, and then came back and drove me to the rest stop. He's my hero.

Ice CaveOur tour guides on our excursions were also fantastic - I'm horrible at names but our guide for the ice caves was a pro driving on the glacier, even though one of the compression units on the vehicle was acting up on the way back. Our glacier hike guide, Kish, was also amazing. He was personable and had so much knowledge to share, all while keeping an eye on our health and stamina to keep us safe.

Everyone we came into contact with through your bookings (including Valur) were so wonderful to us. I understand tourism is very important, but I never felt like I was just another tourist to them. Our guides were engaging and humorous and just all-around wonderful. They really made a fantastic trip that much more enjoyable.

Additionally, we received our refund check for the Northern Lights tour - thank you so much (you and Disa) for helping us during the trip.

I have attached some photos to this email. Everyone back home thinks I'm joking when I say it was difficult to take a bad photo in Iceland, but I'm serious. Beautiful, beautiful country. I cannot wait to go back.

Thank you for all of your help throughout this process!


Glacier Lagoon

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