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The Northern Lights Season

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Kelly from California

Thanks to Laufey and Nordika Travel for making our trip to Iceland an experience of a lifetime. We hope to someday return to view the Northern Lights.

We wanted to plan a trip to Iceland so we did a google search for Iceland travel. Nordika Travel was one of the top results in the search list. We checked out what they had to offer and liked what

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Discover the Amazing Northern lights

From September through April, the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights can be seen in all parts of Iceland so long as the sky is clear and it is dark. Areas that are not subject to "light pollution" are the best places to watch for the lights. Areas in the Icelandic countryside tend to be best. Researchers have discovered that auroral activity is cyclic, peaking roughly every 11 years.

What are the Northern Lights?

Northern Lights Forecast from the UAF Geophysical Institute

    Northern Lights Forecast from the Icelandic Met Office



Why Iceland?

Is Iceland one of the most beautiful countries on Earth?
Well, it's for you to find out.

Ever Changing Landscapes

"Every turn of the highway or hiking path brought a spectacular new vista that was even better than the last... We spent the entire trip in jaw-dropping disbelief, and frequently wiped away tears of joy over the shear beauty of it all." (Carol, one of our clients)

Vibrant and Rich Culture and History

Iceland's only 360 thousand small nation has a rich cultural life, rooted in its Viking history and saga literature, and in the unique often isolated experience with nature. From the ancient sagas to award-winning films, Icelanders are a generally writing, acting, composing, designing, painting, sculpting, and all-round creating bunch.

Unique Remote Wilderness

The interior Highlands of Iceland are considered one of the last great wildernesses of Europe. There are not many places were you can be on your own with nature, and experience the uniqueness and tranquility of this waste unique area. For many it is a life changing spiritual experience.

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