Arctic Explorer Tours

Greenland, Iceland and Spitsbergen.

Unique Cruises to the Arctic regions of Iceland, Greenland, and Spitsbergen.

The cruise ship MS Fram is designed for sailing in polar waters, hold the highest safety standards and is the perfect size for optimum nautical maneuverability and guests' comfort.

MS Fram, Captains and crew are the only ship to operate 100%, year around on Polar itineraries. Unlike other operations, the ship, Captain and crew do not deploy to the Mediterranean or the South Pacific or other non-Polar parts of the world. This fact alone creates an exclusive level of dedicated expertise not found anywhere else.

  • Expedition to the Arctic Islands

    14 days, Summer

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    Embark on an adventure to the three largest islands in the Arctic: Spitsbergen, Greenland, and Iceland and discover dramatic landscapes, extreme isolation, and unique wildlife. Meet with the elements of the Arctic wilderness as we take you closer to raw and untouched nature on our expedition ship, MS Fram.

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  • Grand Arctic Traverse

    June 5, 2017

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    Join us for an expedition unlike any other in this hemisphere. See the Lofoten Islands in Norway, the exotic island of Jan Mayen, Iceland, and the southern and western parts of Greenland – some of which are only accessible by boat. The spectacular scenery and fantastic fjords under the midnight sun provide a stunning backdrop to this diverse voyage.

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Larry - Oct 29, 2015

Much of what we saw was either really hot or really cold


Hi Bjorg,

Tim and I had a memorable first trip to Iceland in late August and early September thanks to your guidance. We now know why Iceland is called the "Land of Fire and Ice". Much of what we sa…

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