Elves, Sagas and Volcanoes - Circumnavigation of Iceland

Iceland is the perfect destination for explorers searching for the unexpected. The nation´s heritage dates back to the ancient sagas, and Icelandic folk tales are rife with mysticism, elves and trolls. Enjoy hikes through lava fields, swim in natural hot springs, explore raw wilderness, encounter rare wildlife and visit fascinating historic settlements. Breathe the pure Icelandic air, visit one of the many museums or simply explore on your own and chat with friendly locals. Immerse yourself in the Icelandic experience of colorful fishing villages, seaside towns and vibrant urban spaces!

Duration: 11 Nights, May & June 2019. 8 Nights, June-July 2020 and 10 Nights, July August 2020

Price: From $4,328 per person


  • Explore mythical Iceland - the Land of Fire & Ice
  • Fascinating nature with waterfalls, volcanoes and glaciers side by side
  • A paradise for bird and whale watching
  • Swim in natural hot springs and hike through lava fields
  • Circumnavigation: see the entirety of Iceland’s coast

• Expedition in cabin grade of your choice on a full-board basis
• Wind- and water-resistant jacket
• Landings with small boats and activities on board and ashore
• Professional English-speaking expedition team that gives lectures and accompanies landings and activities
• Complimentary tea and coffee

Not Included:
• International Flights
• Travel Insurance
• Luggage Handling
• Optional excursions and gratuities

CRUISE ITINERARY: This is an expedition where the weather and wind will determine our final schedule. Safety is paramount and the captain will decide the sailing itinerary during the voyage. Therefore, this itinerary is just an indication of what you can experience, and why every expedition is unique.

The Departures in 2020 have a slightly different Itinerary.

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Day 1: Arriving in Iceland


Many visitors find landing at Keflavik airport enchanting. The hub seems carved out of an arctic desert, with lava stones covered in moss, and haunting mountains nearby. But just 45 minutes away, Reykjavik is a charming and vibrant modern city, offering top restaurants, interesting museums and quaint narrow streets.

IMG-3549-3839012_1024.jpg ©Jane Eubank/Guest image/Hurtigruten

Day 2: Welcome to the "Sagaland"

Stykkishólmur and Flatey

West Iceland is often referred to as “The Sagaland”. Experience Stykkishólmur’s diversity of lava and rock formations, glaciers, volcanic activity and hot and cold springs.
Explore the town of Stykkishólmur on your own or join an optional excursions to explore more of the Snæfellsnes peninsula which is said to be a miniature version of Iceland. In addition to its characteristic Snæfellsjökull glacier, there are black sandy beaches, bird cliffs, spectacular mountains and volcanic craters.
On the charming island of Flatey, time appears to stand still. Take a stroll around the village and travel back in time along the scenic lanes.

2017-06-15-0380-Iceland-Isafjîrdur-Photo-by-Karsten-Bidstrup-4664209_1024.jpg ©Karsten Bidstrup/Hurtigruten

Day 3: Europe's Westernmost Point


One of Iceland’s best-kept secrets is West-fjords. As we sail around the tip of the Látrabjarg peninsula, you can see the Bjargtangar lighthouse, Europe’s westernmost point, from the deck. Come ashore and walk up the slope to the renowned Látrabjarg cliffs, home to millions of birds, including puffins, northern gannets, guillemots and razor-bills.

IMG-6285-3724111_1024.jpg ©Lisa Anderson/Theme Media/Hurtigruten

Day 4: Wonderful Westfjords


Flanked by towering mountains on all sides, Ísafjörður is a nearly perfect natural harbour. Stroll around to see the architecture, the variety of local handicrafts and the oldest houses in Iceland, including the structure that houses the Maritime Museum. With our wide range of optional excursions, you can choose to follow in the footsteps of trolls or enjoy the beautiful scenery from horseback.

2017-06-05-069-Iceland-Hornbjarg-Photo-by-Karsten-Bidstrup-4659561_500.jpg ©Karsten Bidstrup / Hurtigruten

Day 5: Bird Watcher's Paradise

Hornbjarg Cliff and Reykjafjörður

The Hornbjarg cliff is one of the greatest sea bird habitats in Iceland. From deck, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular views of the wildlife. Reykjafjörður can only be reached on foot or by boat, and we plan to take a closer look at this stunning area as well.

Please note: In an earlier version, the text in this online version of the itinerary could wrongfully be interpreted as we would do landings on Hornbjarg Cliff. As Hurtigruten operates on strict environmental and operational guidelines, taking guests on shore in areas where access has been restricted due to vulnerability of nature and wildlife is of course not part of our program.

2016-05-29-Seydisfjördur-16-Iceland-4322620_500.jpg ©Lisa Anderson/Theme Media/Hurtigruten

Day 6: Fjords, Birds and City life

Hrísey and Akureyri

Hrísey is a peaceful island in the middle of Eyjafjörður, a well-known paradise for birdwatchers. The most abundant species at this spot is the ptarmigan, but in all about 40 species of bird nest here. The 200 Islanders live in a trim fishing village with paved streets, tidy gardens and everyone has a view of the spectacular surrounding mountains. Next stop is Akureyri, a lively and energetic town. In fact, it is the most populous community outside Reykjavík, and serves as the centre of trade, culture and services for the north of Iceland. Akureyri is close to many of Iceland’s most renowned natural treasures, although the town itself is a popular destination. Enjoy an optional hike or join an excursion to the impressive Goðafoss waterfall.

2016-05-28-Grimsey-30-Iceland-4322471_500.jpg ©Esther Kokmeijer / Hurtigruten

Day 7: Step across the Arctic Circle


At Grímsey we will use our small boats to reach this green and grassy island. It is probably best known for its proximity to the Arctic Circle, which cuts across the island. You can have the chance to step across that line, North to South.

2016-05-28-Husavik-17-Iceland-4322511_500.jpg ©Esther Kokmeijer / Hurtigruten

Day 8: The Whale Capital of Iceland


Húsavík is recognized as one of the best whale watching locations in the world, due to the island´s thriving bay ecosystem. Melting snow and rivers bring nutrients from mineral-rich mountainsides which, when combined with the boundless summer sun, leads to teeming masses of plankton, the main source of food for baleen whales. Húsavík is also the oldest settlement in Iceland. The town’s most famous landmark is Húsavíkurkirkja, a wooden church built in 1907. Over the years, Húsavík has become an increasingly popular tourist center and is home to the Húsavík Whale Museum. After leaving the town, we sail past the Langanes peninsula.

2016-05-29-Bakkargerdi-30-Iceland-4322608_500.jpg ©Esther Kokmeijer / Hurtigruten

Day 9: The Land of the Elves

Bakkargerdi and Seyðisfjörður

Bakkagerdi is the main settlement in Borgarfjörður. This area is known for its natural beauty and is “the land of the elves”. Puffin colonies abound in the fjord, making this a popular place for birdwatching. Bakkagerdi is off the typical tourist track, and offers peace, quiet and lovely views. If you prefer more action, join us for an optional tour to the natural forest of Hallormsstaður. The Norwegian heritage of the village of Seyðisfjörður is reflected in colourful Nordic-style wooden houses dating from the early 20th century. The handcrafted architecture creates a truly unique identity in the settlement. Explore the town, join an organised hike or take an optional excursion to Skálanes.

2017-06-20-168-Iceland-Bakkagerdi-Photo-by-Karsten-Bidstrup-4702855_500.jpg ©Karsten BIdstrup / Hurtigruten

Day 10: Glaciers and Art


The natural world around Djupivogur is highly varied. The Búlandsnes bird sanctuary is renowned among bird lovers throughout the world, because this is a place where you can observe most Icelandic birds nesting in their natural habitat close by. The Vatnajökull glacier is the largest in Europe, and a spectacular sight. Join our optional excursion to Vatnajökull lagoon, or stay and hike in the beautiful surroundings of the town. Langabúð is the oldest house in Djúpivogur, originally built in 1790, and has now been renovated to serve as a cultural centre. It houses some of the works of sculptor Ríkarður Jónsson, a heritage museum and a coffee shop with delicious homemade cakes and a display of local handicrafts. Don't miss the outdoor sculpture, Eggin í Gleðivík, by the world famous Icelandic artist Sigurður Guðmundsson, consisting of 34 eggs.

2017-06-12-105-Iceland-Westman-Islands-Photo-by-Karsten-Bidstrup-4659110_500.jpg ©Karsten Bidstrup / Hurtigruten

Day 11: Iceland's Pompeii

Heimaey island

Heimaey is the largest of the Westman Islands, which are located off Iceland's south coast, and is dominated by magnificent cliffs. These form natural habitats for many different seabirds, including puffins and kittiwakes. The islands are also a great place for spotting whales. In 1973, a huge volcanic eruption surprised their residents of Heimaey. It forced the entire population to evacuate and set sail to mainland Iceland. A large number of buildings were buried under lava and ash. Many were completely destroyed, but others were later unearthed and restored. An entire museum, Eldheimar, has been built around the remains of one of the homes.

2016-05-28-Husavik-13-Iceland-4322493_500.jpg ©Esther Kokmeijer / Hurtigruten

Day 12: Departure Home


Our voyage of discovery and adventure ends in Reykjavik. If you have the time, join our exciting post tour of the Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon. It is possible to extend the program in Reykjavík.


• May 18, 2019, 11 nights.
• May 29, 2019, 11 nights.
• June 9, 2019, 11 nights.
• June 20, 2019, 11 nights.

Prices from $6,346 per person.

• June 15, 2020, 8 nights.
• June 23, 2020, 8 nights.
• July 1, 2020, 8 nights.
• July 9, 2020, 8 nights.
• July 17, 2020, 8 nights.

Prices from $4,328 per person. 

• July 25, 2020, 10 nights.
• August 4, 2020, 10 nights.

Prices from $5,692 per person. 

Hurtigruten uses variable pricing and prices depend on Cabin availability.

As cabin availability decreases, prices increase. Contact us for current prices and special offers that may apply!  We can also help you arrange the flights to Iceland, as well as accommodation and other services while in Iceland, or if you want to extent your stay.

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  • Explore mythical Iceland - the Land of Fire & Ice
  • Fascinating nature with waterfalls, volcanoes and glaciers side by side
  • A paradise for bird and whale watching
  • Swim in natural hot springs and hike through lava fields
  • Circumnavigation: see the entirety of Iceland’s coast

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