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Norway has one of the longest coastline of all countries int he world.  It's endless number of deep fjords and towering mountains is the scene for one of the worlds most beautiful voyage. 

  • Hurtigruten Classic Roundtrip Voyage

    12 days, All Year

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    The celebrated 'Hurtigruten Route'. With so much natural beauty, Norway’s entire coastline is as awe-inspiring as America’s greatest national parks. You are certain to be ‘wowed’ by the hundreds of miles of pristine and dramatic landscapes, world-famous fjords and numerous UNESCO sites. But perhaps it is Norway’s people, culture and charm of the small coastal towns as well as the abundance of outdoor activities and fresh, natural foods that you will remember most.

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  • Norwegian Coast and Spitsbergen Adventure

    8 or 9 days, April to December, 2017

    from $1,983 per person

    Spitsbergen is the largest island in the Norwegian Svalbard Archipelago. High up in the Arctic Circle, Spitsbergen is a land of ice and snow, and also the natural habitat of the mighty polar bear. Experience the contrast of this rugged wilderness with the beauty of the Norwegian coast. With these special packages, you can either sail the Norwegian coastal voyage from Bergen to Tromsø, then fly to Longyearbyen in Spitsbergen for a three-day adventure, or you can start the voyage in Longyearbyen, explore the area in a couple of days before flying to Tromsø for a coastal voyage down to Bergen. By combining your cruise in Norway with a visit to Spitsbergen, you'll also have the opportunity to do a variety of excursions that are not available on our regular Spitsbergen voyages.

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- Jul 26, 2015

You come from a very special homeland. Thanks for sharing it.

Kristin -- and everyone at Nordika Travel,

THANK YOU! We had a fantastic week in Iceland. Every accommodation was as advertised. The itinerary was very helpful. The clockwise route was the right way t…

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Why Iceland?

Accessible via a short, five-hour flight from the east coast of the United States, Iceland is a lot closer than you might imagine


Despite its rather misleading name, only 11% of Iceland is covered by ice. That said, it is home to Europe's largest glacier, Vatnajökull, as well as 268 others.


Volcanic eruptions in Iceland happen, on average, every five years. Although international media coverage surrounding the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption might lead one to believe otherwise, volcanic eruptions in Iceland tend to not have much impact on daily life.